What's new?

The main goal with v2.0 was to make all NativeBase components fully customizable. Now with NativeBase 2.0, each NativeBase component can be fully customized as per your need for your project.
With the help of connectStyle function and StyleProvider component, each component of NativeBase you use or write a new one can be customized very easily.

0.0.1. New Features

  • Tab: Uncontrolled Tabs similar to FooterTabs.
  • Icon: Gives platform specific icons.
  • Form Components
    • Item: Much like InputGroup with added features of inline label, stacked label, and floating label.
  • Left, Body, Right: Views which aligns its content to the left, center, right respectively.
  • Smart Components:
    • Header
    • Button
    • Tabs
  • StyleProvider: To apply themes and customize any components.

0.0.2. Enhancement Features

  • With StyleProvider, all components are fully customizable.
  • CardItem, Header and ListItem: Use of Left, Body and Right components for proper alignments and customization.

0.0.3. RoadMap

  • Revise components against iOS and Android design guidelines, includes platform specific fixes as well
  • Enhance Components with new props
  • Test Cases
  • Image Lightbox
  • ListView Swipe
  • Growls
  • Chips
  • Dialogs and Alerts
  • Date Picker
  • Slider input
  • Range slider input
  • In-app notifications
  • NativeBase CLI to rename app

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