Version: 3.0.0-next.36

NativeBase 3.0

A universal design system for mobile & web built for React Native and React with the same API. Ships a bunch of components for most of the use-cases that includes Button, AppBar, Dialog, Modal and what not.


We want to build and ship accessible apps fast with the highest quality. We want to focus on the business logic and to solve real problems.


Material UI, Chakra UI, Ant Design, Braid Design System, Bootstrap, TailwindCSS, Flutter.


Declarative and imperative. Declarative for components and imperative for all the actions.

Design Principle#

We have two types of components — Primitives and Composite.

  • Primitive components are the building blocks.
  • Composite components are made up of primitive components.

Note on web support 🚨#

Please note that Web support is still under development. NativeBase will work on web, but we are still working towards a more comprehensive web experience for your apps.