Version: 3.0.0-next.38


Links are accessible elements used primarily for navigation. This component is styled to resemble a hyperlink.


import { Link } from 'native-base';



External Link#

Link with Underline#

Link custom onPress#

Link around containers#


Name Type Description Default
href string URL that should be opened on Link press -
size number | "2xl" | "xl" | "lg" | "md" | "sm" | "xsm" Size of the link -
isUnderlined boolean Whether Link text should be underlined false
onPress any Callback that will be invoked on Link press -
isExternal boolean If true, link will be opened in new tab on web. It uses _target property to achieve this -
_hover any Hover props. Accepts all styled system props. -
wrapperRef any Ref to be attached to the Link wrapper -

Link implements Box