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Please opt in to our enterprise plan (coming soon) for priority support with NativeBase. If you are starting a new project, we recommend using gluestack-ui. For your existing projects, you can utilize @gluestack-ui/themed-native-base (beta).
Guide to v3
v3 comes with a lot of changes in philosophy as well as the API. We have re-imagined how we should code for React Native as well as web. Keeping this in mind, you might come across a lot of changes while upgrading from v2 to v3. This might seem to be a bit of tedious work but we promise you, it will be worth it!
If you are looking to upgrade NativeBase from v2 to v3 in your application, we recommend looking into the following sections first:
Core Concepts
This will allow you to leverage v3 to the fullest. We have further divided the migration guide into different components, so that it's easier to search for a specific one.
We hope that v3 is able to fulfill all the expectations set by its predecessor and makes the overall UX and DX of your application better.
Happy Coding!
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