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Getting Started
NativeBase is a component library that enables devs to build universal design systems. It is built on top of React Native, allowing you to develop apps for Android, iOS, and the Web.
A Brief History of NativeBase
NativeBase v1.x : NativeBase started out as an open source framework that enabled developers to build high-quality mobile apps using React Native. The first version included UITabBar on iOS and Drawer on Android. NativeBase v1 was very well-received by the dev community.
NativeBase v2.x : The second version was released with new components, preset themes, unified icons & more. The main focus of v2 was to make components easy to theme with very few modifications. From v2.4.1 onwards, NativeBase also included support for the web.
NativeBase v3.x : We wanted to make NativeBase the go-to component library for anyone building with React Native and Web. This version is accessible, highly customizable and consistent across android, iOS & web. That's not all though, read on for the full benefits of using v3.
What's New with NativeBase v3?
We had clear goals in mind while building version 3. Take a look at some of the new features we added:
Multiplatform : NativeBase supports multiple platforms; android, iOS and web. You can also customise properties using platform-specific props.
Inherently Beautiful : NativeBase ships with a default theme that provides beautiful components, out of the box.
Accessible : This version has out of the box accessibility including focus management, keyboard navigation and more.
Customisable : The default theme can be extended as you desire. You can also customise specific components for your app needs.
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