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Please opt in to our enterprise plan (coming soon) for priority support with NativeBase. If you are starting a new project, we recommend using gluestack-ui. For your existing projects, you can utilize @gluestack-ui/themed-native-base (beta).
Customizing Theme
The Theme is one of the core elements of NativeBase. You can customize NativeBase's theme as per your liking. NativeBase theme is a complex object. Here is what it looks like.
// theme
colors: {...},
fontSizes: {...},
fonts: {...},
config: {...},
It has many but in this recipe, we will update only a few of them (namely colors, fonts, and config) using NativeBase's extendTheme function.
import React from 'react';
import { NativeBaseProvider, extendTheme } from 'native-base';
import { Content } from './Content';
export default function () {
const theme = extendTheme({
colors: {
// Add new color
primary: {
50: '#E3F2F9',
100: '#C5E4F3',
200: '#A2D4EC',
300: '#7AC1E4',
400: '#47A9DA',
500: '#0088CC',
600: '#007AB8',
700: '#006BA1',
800: '#005885',
900: '#003F5E',
// Redefining only one shade, rest of the color will remain same.
amber: {
400: '#d97706',
config: {
// Changing initialColorMode to 'dark'
initialColorMode: 'dark',
return (
<NativeBaseProvider theme={theme}>
<Content />
In the above example, the following changes have been made:
Added a new color named primary.
Updated one of the shades of amber color.
Updated the initial color mode to dark. Default is light.
Passed the new theme object to the NativeBaseProvider.
Using the new tokens in components
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