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Upgrading to 3.2.0 from 3.x

As we continue to improve NativeBase v3 we got a lot of feature requests and we also revamped our theme to make it more consistent, easy to understand, optimized and promote good practices while writing code.

To do that we had to make some changes to our theme in v3.2.0. These are breaking changes if you are using some of the tokens in your project. To make it easy for you to upgrade, we are providing three options:

Extend previous version's theme for backward compatibility#

You need to add v3CompatibleTheme to your NativeBaseProvider which preserves all the old token that were changed or removed in v3.2.0.

import { NativeBaseProvider, extendTheme, v3CompatibleTheme } from "native-base";
// ...
const yourCustomTheme = {
// ...
theme={extendTheme(v3CompatibleTheme, yourCustomTheme)}

Handling breaking changes#

Below is a rough account of the breaking API changes as well as the minimal change to migrate


  • Removed Alert.Title. Use Text component instead.
  • Removed Alert.Description. Use Text component instead.


  • Removed size. Use thickness prop instead.


We have introduced strict mode in v3.2.0 which is off by default. If you don't want to have strict mode, step 1 is enough. If you want to comply with the strict mode, you also need to do these:

  1. All utility props which take theme tokens as values, now take only string values as a valid type

    This means that if you pass a number value which is supposed to be a theme token, into a utility prop, then it will be treated as invalid and based on you strict mode config will show you an error or a warning.

    // Incorrect Way to pass theme tokens to utility props
    <Box p={4} mx={8} />
    // Correct Way to pass theme tokens to utility props
    <Box p="4" mx="8" />
  2. Remove all non token values given to utility props which accept theme tokens. For example, p="11" is not supported with the default theme. Pick up another value from default theme tokens or define a new one yourself.

  3. If you are using Icon with as prop, verify this

    /* correct */
    <Icon as={Ionicons} name="md-checkmark-circle" />
    /* incorrect */
    <Icon as={<Ionicons name="md-checkmark-circle" />} />
    /* incorrect */
    <Icon as={<Ionicons />} name="md-checkmark-circle" />