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Added a feature to suppress accessible color warning
Fixed support for numberOfLines props on Text
Fixed _text not working in Link component's baseStyle/variants
Fixed custom id not being passed in a custom toast
Exported IPressableProps
Fixed Overlay/Backdrop cursor pointer issue.
Fixed Avatar.Badge conditional rendering
Added _backdrop prop in actionsheet and modal to apply styles to backrop(overlay)
Added typings for left and right for placement prop in Slide.
Added xxs typing for fontSize in Text.
Added support for React.Fragment as Children in Box.
Fixed Stack space extend issue.
Fixed Radio Size issue on happening on iOS and Android.
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Minor fix
Spinner visibility issue fixed
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Minor fix
Fixed bold and italics issue in typography
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Add tokenised fontFamily support in Input
Make drag indicator optional in actionsheet
Export Toast TS props definition
Set fontFamily to heading in Heading component
Fix SSR not working
Fix box with linear gradient warning
Add color prop in Select's TS definition
Remove additional wrapper from Checkbox group
Add a prop to render FAB outside of portal
Fix input padding(top/bottom) not working on android
Fix custom fonts not working on android for some cases
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[Android] Shift accessibility focus on modal open
Disabled style in button
Drag indicator in ActionSheet
Radio and checkbox accessibility warnings on web
Modal multiple clicks lead to screen freeze on web
Select scrolling fix for long list
ActionSheet flicker on swipe
Add safearea bottom inset in ActionSheet
Select option invisible on iOS (Safari)
Platform props type definitions fixes in Basic components
Button type fixes
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Version bump
Version bumped from v3.0.1 to v3.0.2
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Images are working in NPM
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Exported styled variants of React native core components
Added _focusVisible prop in Pressable to support focus styling when keyboard is being used on web.
Fixed useClipboard - onCopy not working on Native
Fixed Text component to accept strikeThrough and underline
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